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  Co-Ed Kickball Fun League - Rosters up to 20 Players

2024 Summer Co-ed Kickball (6 Men - 4 women) - Lambert Field Tuesdays

  • Locations: Lambert Fields
  • • Day: Tuesday • Started: 6/25
    Deadline: 6/24
More Info

More Info

This league runs for 6 weeks and the last week is playoffs if your team makes it.

Sign up as a small group, full team, or just as an individual!

Enjoy a season full of perks and support! With your registration, throughout the season. Plus, we have dedicated referees to officiate the fun and one of the finest fields in town to play on. Get ready for an amazing experience!

Softcore is the place to be for teams that aren't Rookies but like that kind of feel. Crazy Kickball fun is the goal - with crazy outfits, a less than encyclopedic handle on the rules, and goofy chants all part of the plan

This is where the game gets real, the balls get harder, and the players get... sweatier. It's like dodgeball's more athletic cousin who never skips leg day.

Our kickball league is so competitive, even the referees have to take performance-enhancing gummy bears. It's like the World Cup, but with more spilled beer and less athletic ability.

Weekly games will be a 6 inning match per week for each team.

Each team can have a maximum of 10 players on the field at one time and up to 18 in the kicking order. Maximum of 6 males if there are ten players on the field.

No maximum number of people per team but there is a minimum of 13 players needed for a roster.

Teams are guaranteed six games and playoffs for qualifying teams.

6.25, 7.2, 7.9, 7.16, 7.23, 7.30, 8.6

6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM

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