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Your After Work Huddle

  6 v. 6 Co-Ed Dodgeball | Minimum of 2 girls on the court at all times - Rosters up to 18 Players

Dodgeball 2022

  • Locations: Wilson Gym
  • • Day: Tuesday, Wednesday • Started: 11/8
    Deadline: 11/15
More Info

More Info

6 v. 6 Co-Ed with a minimum of 9 players on the roster. During a game, there must be a minimum of 2 girls on the court at all times. Two people from your team must rotate in officiating games during the 50 minutes of play. You play as many matches as you can with in the 50 minutes. Teams are guaranteed 4 weeks of matches and team who qualify will compete in playoffs which takes place week 5.

11.8, 11.15, 11.29, 12.7, 12.13

8:00 PM, 9:00 PM


Why Play With Overtime Sports

Why Play With Overtime Sports

It's Bozeman's first Sport and Social Club

Overtime Sports was founded with the purpose to create a fun semi competitive sports league for adults of all ages and athletic ability, yes that means even you can play!


The following are reasons why playing with Overtime Sports is simply the right thing to do!


Referees: With overtime there are official referees who make the same good calls and same bonehead calls, however, the calls will be consistent week after weel. No more stressful volunteering required which now allows you simply cheer on your friends or scout your future opponent.


Time to Celebrate:  If your team lands a victory then you and your team can enjoy a complimentary pitcher of beer or wings at one of our sponsor bars. Winning does have its perks!



Social Funtions:  Enjoy the benefits of being part of such an elite group of athletes by attending league mixers and parties to kick off the start of a season as well as an end of season tournament with a live DJ and slip and slide. Playing on a coed flag football team is a great way to bolster relationships with your already existing friends or join your opponent at the sponsor bar after a hard fought game!



Communication:  If there are any urgent messages or alerts such as inclement weather or game cancelations or an update on Ashton Kuthers new marriage, players can check the facebook page, receive an  email or text message leaving no player out of the loop.


Well Played:  While the primary goal of Overtime sports is to create a fun ‘not too competitive’ atmosphere, it still feels good to win. There will be a player of the game selected along with a team photo of the winning team which will then be posted on the website and Facebook page which proves you really are doing big things in life and your parents will be proud; not guaranteed.


Homebase:  At the Overtime Sports office there will always be someone to answers phone calls, quickly respond to emails. Usually inquiries are fielded by league Director Jarrod Dufour or league Commissioner Noah Pontiff the same day.


Rule Book: Overtime Sports abides to a strict rulebook which is easy to follow and all rulebooks are easily accesibe online.


Are you new to Bozeman?

This is hands down the best way to meet your future homies

Overtime Sports Bozeman Cornhole 2019If you are new to Bozeman and don't want to waste any time meeting your future best friends, then playing on an Overtime Sports team is a sure bet. You can sign up as an individual and be placed on an already existing team, or with other individuals who are new to Bozeman. Let's face it, moving to a new state or even city is tough, but the one thing that will make that transition easier is meeting a core group of friends that will most likely be in your wedding and you'll probably meet the person you will marry while playing with OTS.


There is a magical element to Kickball, Dodgeball, Flag Football and Cornhole that immediately creates solid life bonds which will never be forgotten. Whether it is on the field, the league kick off gala (sounds fun to call it that), or at a sponsor bar after a game, it is nearly impossible to not meet great friends in the Bozeman area while playing these great American past times. 
















Are My Glory Days Behind me?

In two simple words, heck no.

Dodgeball Bozeman Montana rec sportsIf you can walk, jog or run in a straight line, then playing with Overtime Sports will be a breeze for you. Although there are some Terrell Owens (minus the attitude) types on the field, the majority of particpants in this rec sports league are there to have fun and running at 110% is subsidiary to simply having a blast.


Okay, let's be honest. For most of you, the glory days are well behind you, and the chances of being carried off the field without having to pay your friends beforehand are slim, but simply reliving a glimpse of those moments is what makes OTS solid gold!



Below are some tips on how to prepare for the start of your upcoming Overtime Sports league. 


  • Arm curls with a six pack of local brew
  • 5 daily jumping jacks followed by 6 sit-ups
  • Eliminate all fats, carbs, sugars unless they taste good
  • Practice kicking a ball tipsy
  • Try on costumes for theme games
  • Chase your dog around your yard
  • Watch Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn at least 20 times because it's layered and most likely have missed dodgeball techniques.
  • Develop hand signals and use them more then necessary
  • Catch flys with chopsticks to improve neurological reaction time
  • Get an aerodynamic haircut such as a mullet
  • In all seriousness, maybe a few daily stretches will eliminate pulled muscles

Be sure to like Overtime Sports on Facebook so you can learn about new leagues, discounts and league updates!

Overtime Sports
820 bald eagle
Bozeman, MT 59715
(337) 322-0927